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Dowdey, Diane ENG_DXD at SHSU.EDU
Mon Nov 8 18:54:06 CST 2010

Our chapter can nominate people for several Sigma Tau Delta scholarships.  The deadline for submission is Nov. 22.  We can nominate 3 people who are currently juniors, 3 people who are currently seniors, and 3 graduate students.  These scholarships are for $3,000.  There are also "Runner-up" scholarships and awards for the application essay, so there are lots of incentives to apply.

We can also nominate three people for a study abroad scholarship.  If you apply by Nov. 22, the scholarship can be used for study abroad anytime between January 2011 to December 2011.  
If you are graduating in December, May, or August, and planning to teach, there is also a monetary award ($2,000) you may apply for.  We can nominate 3 people for the award.

The officers have decided that our chapter will present $25 for each chapter member who applies for any of these scholarships or awards.  If you win a scholarship or award, the chapter will give an additional $100.

Please email me by Nov. 20 if you plan to apply.  You must have been inducted in order to apply.
For more information and the electronic submission form go to http://www.english.org/sigmatd/awards/scholarships.shtml

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