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Alicia Rice abr006 at SHSU.EDU
Wed Apr 27 23:19:38 CDT 2011

Hello members,

The following email is important information about an organization on campus
called Project Connect. They need our help, and would great appreciate any
help you could give!

Alicia Rice
Sigma Tau Delta Secretary

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Hello everyone,

Many of you are either my close friends or professors I have had classes
with, and as such, I know that all of you are hard working and supportive in
your own right. It is not often that I push any form of charity on others,
but I am hoping that some of you will help.

The organization, Project Connect, is a TRIO program that benefits first
generation, non-traditional, and financially needy students. It is the
undergraduate version of Mcnair, and their support ranges from free tutoring
and graduate seminars to their ever-important lending library. The concept
for this library is that students borrow books they cannot afford and return
them at the end of the semester for the students in the subsequent
semesters. However, as many of us know, the publishing world benefits from
creating new editions and revisions which necessitate the constant re-buying
of books for classes. Thus, in the past, Project Connect has relied upon a
grant which enables them to keep constantly rotating books on their shelves
so that the students, who cannot afford the books, may still receive them
through the lending library. However, with all the cuts throughout the
departments, this grant was readily revoked, and now many of the students in
the program dependent on those books (because they need that extra money for
childcare or basic necessities) will no longer receive this support.

What I am asking is this:

Professors: The sample copies and exam copies you receive (the ones you will
not use or are done with) will better benefit these students and the program
as a whole if they are given to Project Connect instead of sold to book
buyers. Also, if you have editions that are one or two away from the newest
and that are near-identical to the newer edition, please allow Project
Connect to have them if you can. Novels, anthologies, grammar books, and
other books in majors outside English that can still be used in some way can
all be donated. I know that this may mean a bit of money given up, but
students in this program will use those books for years and save themselves
hundreds of dollars, simply because they were donated.

Students: If you have books from this semester that you would normally sell
for the measily $5-15, please just donate them. We are all strapped for
cash, but it is better to ensure that your fellow students can receive the
education they deserve and do well in their classes by having the proper

Firstly, I will place a box in the faculty lounge, where books can placed,
and a box in the front 2nd floor hallway for students to access. If you wish
to deliver them yourself, probably at the joy of the director of Project
Connect, they are located at TEC339. Kelly Stuckley's email is
ELC_KGS at shsu.edu, if you directly wish to contact her. She is the director
of Project Connect and is one of the most dedicated staff members at SHSU
that I know.
I hope that some of you can help. I know I am graduating, but this is
important to the students who are still in the program, a program which
supported me for many years and played a hand in my own success.

Jessica Bowdoin
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