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Please share your scholarship with others.  This is a great opportunity to learn how to do an academic presentation,  to learn what an academic conference is like.  If you are interested in graduate school,  not only is it great experience, it looks great on your application.  So take one of your A research papers,  write a brief abstract or summary of it, and submit it.
Dr. Dowdey

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Subject: URS Registration is Open!

Dear colleagues:

Please encourage your undergraduate students to present their work at the Seventh Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium on Saturday, April 26, 2014, 8:00-5:00, in the CHSS Building.

Students can present in any area of English (including creative work), completed or in progress, in poster or oral sessions. Faculty may also propose panel sessions of 3-4 presenters (15-20 minutes each) or a group sessions (one full hour). Three $500 research scholarships will be awarded. Please encourage students to register to attend if they choose not to present.

The entire symposium is free, and we will provide breakfast, lunch, snacks, and a gift bag to all who register.

To register, go to shsu.edu/honors/symposium

Registration deadline for presenters is March 15 (students will need to submit a 150-200 word abstract).

Registration deadline for audience members (or faculty moderators) is April 1.

E-mail me if you have any questions. In years past, we have had a strong English presence at the symposium; let's carry on this tradition!

Yours sincerely,

Kimberly Bell

Dr. Kimberly Bell
Associate Professor of English
Interim Dean of the Honors College
Box 2479
Sam Houston State University
Huntsville, TX  77341
(936) 294-1437/1477
kbell at shsu.edu<mailto:kbell at shsu.edu>
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