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Good afternoon Deltans! Here for your convenience is the Sigma Tau Delta, Delta Delta chapter, weekly newsletter. If you know of any upcoming events, contests, or literary news, please share it with us and we will see about including it in an upcoming issue.

Have a great day!

This Week

The Write-Ins Begin
This Saturday will kick off our monthly Write-Ins, which will henceforth be on the third Saturday of every month, barring December because let’s face it, nobody is going to come after finals with the break about to start. Join us in Evans 358 at 10:00 with your laptop and/or writing materials ready to be creative. Writing prompts will be offered to those who would like one and I invite all attendees to bring their work to our Wednesday evening Writer’s Circles.
For those graduate students who cannot make to our first session because of Comps, we wish you all the best of luck!

The Writer’s Circle
Evans 460 at 5:30 Wednesday—bring copies of your work to be respectfully and constructively critiqued by your creative peers and talk writing over free coffee. I cannot say how proud I am of this group and how it has developed. Join us for a great time even if you don’t have anything to present.

Our Sister Chapter of the Southwest Region invites us to like their Facebook page and connect!

Special Congratulations to….

Paige Odegard
We want to give a special thank you to Paige for her work researching methods to better help writing instruction and curriculum at Sam Houston State University. Her work has enabled her to become one of only 30 students nation-wide to be accepted for the Naylor writing studies workshop. Congratulations Paige!

Julian Kindred
Sigma Tau Delta’s VP has published the third book in his fantasy western series, the Hawkridge Chronicles. More information about the book, Outlaws of the Golden Plains, is available on his website. To kick off the release, he is making the first book of the series available for free on Wattpad, where he is publishing the chapters in a countdown to the trilogy’s conclusion.


Sigma Tau Delta National Conference Contest: the deadline is right around the corner!

Undergrads, the Albion Review wants YOU: deadline November 1.

Upcoming Events

Margaret Lazarus Dean is visiting October 19
The author of Leaving Orbit and winner of the Graywolf Nonfiction Prize will be visiting campus. She will be available to talk with students in Evans 212 at 4:00 and will read a sample of her work at 6:00 in Austin Hall.

Angela W Williams is coming to Huntsville October 28
Angela W Williams is the author of Hush Now Baby, published by our very own Texas Review Press, and will giving a presentation at the Huntsville Public Library from 2:00-4:00 that Wednesday.


The Place in the Mist

Under the Mountain: Book 2 of the Hawkridge Chronicles
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