[Sigtaudelt] Confirming visit to OrgLink and Facebook

Horton, Gary gwh001 at SHSU.EDU
Wed Apr 13 22:31:24 CDT 2016

Hi, All,

I just received a letter from Sigtaudelt-bounces which requested that I respond when I had joined the Orglink group and Facebook page. The email said I had been subscribed to an email list and had been given a password so I think I'm legal without filling out another form. I had a pleasant visit at both places, kind of like visiting old friends.

I was especially interested in the Facebook link. I had a preexisting one last used five years ago. I cleaned out virtually all the old links so it no is almost restricted to Sigtaudelt material.

I'm curious whether Orglink Sigtaudelt home is a WordPress site. I'm just getting into that stuff to get up a blog I promised an agent. I kind of feel like Willie Nelson, "On the Road Again." It will feel good to hustle my work. Big difference now-It's leaving realism and coming through postmodern and bending genre. But aren't we all. See you on the 22nd.

Gary Horton
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