[Clubsports] Weekly Update

Stacy Hazenberg slh008 at shsu.edu
Tue Sep 12 17:51:50 CDT 2006

Hey Clubs,

I decided to start a weekly update that I'm hoping will get you pertinent

1. First off CONGRATS to Men's Soccer beating Rice 5-0 this past weekend.

2. A pipe has burst on IM3 and will effect outdoor practice schedules...as
IM3 will be "out of commission" until further notice.

3. Next order of business your attendance is MANDATORY at the Student
Services meeting for organizations held in the LSC Theatre Questions about
this meeting call 936-294-FUN1.  You can attend either....... 

Tuesday Sept. 19th 5:30pm
Wednesday Sept. 20th 6:00pm

4. Last order of business I am still missing paperwork & until all this is
received you are technically not even allowed to practice or operate as a
club.  I want all paperwork into my office by Monday September 18th or I
will cancel your practice time.  I have given you all plenty of time to
complete paperwork & its not a very complex task so please get it done.  

BASEBALL - Constitution
CMA - Manual Signature & Contact List
CYCLING - Manual Signature
INLINE HOCKEY - Manual Signature, Contact List, Constitution
PAINTBALL - Manual Signature, Contact List, Constitution
MASH - Constitution
MENS RUGBY - Constitution
WOMENS SOCCER - Constitution
WRESTLING - Contact List

If you have any questions you know how to get ahold of me.

Graduate Assistant
Club Sports & Special Events

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