Documenting Effectiveness of MT

MT-PRO Music Therapy List
Thu, 14 Oct 1999 02:36:22 -0500

I am working with client of all ages and abilities in their own homes or 
community settings, mostly with individuals. My funding body (government 
health department) recognizes that just 'Client Numbers, 'types' and 
'hours spent' etc. do not really record what music therapy is all about, 
nor demonstrate the efficiency and effectiveness of the program. They do 
not want (nor would it be ethical) detailed data on individual client 
goals and progress. However, I have been asked to use some global rating 
scale to simply and clearly show benefits!!! How do other music 
therapists demonstrate the effectiveness of their work in reports to 
funding bodies? Especially, if their client load is very diverse.
Katrina Bergmann
-- MT-PRO Music Therapy List, on 10/14/1999 at 2:35:44 AM

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