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Christine wrote:
I think that a formal supervisory relationship has made all the difference
in my development as a therapist and that mentoring is a valuable way to
stay connected to more experienced professionals.  I would urge those who
can create policy and develop the credentialling process to explore this
option as a companion to the BC exam.
Thank you, Christine!
A mentoring program is an excellent idea!- and perhaps a quite viable 
alternative to the CBMT taking on the issue of music skills. 
Supervision, I feel, is not only a wonderful way to continue to grow as a 
therapist- MUSICALLY as well as clinically, but I also feel that to seek out 
supervision is our ethical responsibility. Music therapists have long 
complained that they work in isolation (we are a relatively small profession) 
and opportunities for growth through some form of clinical sharing format 
(such as peer supervision or traditional supervision) are limited. However, 
issues such as countertransference (for example) are very real and affect our 
daily work. It is our responsibility to be aware of and deal with our own 
issues in order to be wholly "there" for our clients- and supervision is 
probably the best way to address this. 
Interestingly, just this past weekend at the Ohio Music Therapy Association 
conference we had a discussion about supervision. It was suggested that a 
percentage of CEUs could be mandated as supervision credits. What do you 
think? I plan to offer a supervision series in the spring- hopefully with 
Pre-Approved Status for CEU credits. I hope to have a good turn out- I'll let 
you all know.
Jim Hiller MMT,MT-BC
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