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Jim Hiller wrote:  
<< How about adding the MT-BC credential to your name. This at least shows 
we respect pur own professional bodies which are trying to present some 
semblance of minimal competence in the field.  The examination is quite 
passable ... >>
Jim, I am not sure whose post you were responding to, but regardless:  
I have very mixed feelings, as do others that I have talked to, about the 
MT-BC.  If I add the MT-BC to my name I will have to give up my CMT, and I 
feel that the standards I worked for to obtain the CMT were significantly 
higher than those that are required for the MT-BC.  At the moment the setting 
I work in does not require a MT-BC; therefore, I intend to keep the CMT for 
the time being.  
Jim's additional post posed some further questions: 
<< Is there support for a "live music making" part to the examination? Is it 
OK to have mediocre music skills and yet be "qualified" to use music as a 
treatment modality? Are we not musicians? >>
I don't know that there should be a "live music making" part to the 
examination itself, but when I obtained my CMT I had to meet certain minimum 
requirements, which were quite extensive, actually, and they were evaluated 
mainly through my internship supervisor but also by my professors in the AAMT 
master's degree program at NYU, and included skills on guitar, piano and 
voice such as general playing skills, transposition and basic composition (to 
name only a few).  
I feel that the format of the evaluation for the CMT was more appropriate 
than an exam per se because those who evaluated me knew me well and had spent 
many hours observing my skills and skill development.  Yes, I certainly think 
that we should be musicians in order to use music in treatment.  
I agree strongly with Christine Weinberg's post on this:
<< I think that a formal supervisory relationship has made all the difference
in my development as a therapist and that mentoring is a valuable way to
stay connected to more experienced professionals.  I would urge those who
can create policy and develop the credentialling process to explore this
option as a companion to the BC exam. >>
Thanks for some great discussion points,
Lori Baur, M.A., CMT
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