[Ntso] RSVPing for Margarita's

SHSU NTSO shsu_ntso at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 22 19:27:48 CDT 2005

In reference to the RSVPs, please send an email to the NTSO mailbox: 
shsu_ntso at hotmail.com with your RSVP. Please let us know how many people 
will be attending. Remember, this restaurant will accommodate you in either 
your dressy attire or your blue jeans.

We are aiming to please everyone here. :)

I hope to see you there!

Frances Crawford Fennessy

Hello Everyone!

The officers decided today that instead of having the dance we will be 
holding a banquet for NTSO at Margaritas Restaurant on the same night (April 
30th) from 7p.m. until 10p.m. Please feel free to bring your spouse and/or 
children to the banquet. Everyone will be responsible for paying for their 
own dinner.

Keep in mind that since this is Margaritas and the end of the school year, 
that alcoholic beverages will be purchased and consumed. Lets all have a 
good time, and get to know everyone from the list. I will volunteer to be a 
driver that night since my car is repaired now. :-)

If you can make it to the banquet then please RSVP the list by Tuesday at 
12p.m. Everyone is invited, and the people from Margaritas have told us that 
they can accomodate a large group of members.

I hope to see everyone there! Have a good end of the school year and good 
luck with finals!

We will be having our next meeting this Thursday (April 28th), from 11:45 
until 1p.m. in LSC room 315.

Andrea L. Woodlief

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