[Ntso] Yesterday's Meeting

Andrea Woodlief andrea_woodlief at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 30 12:12:25 CDT 2005

Hello Group,

Our meeting yesterday was small, but I think it was because of the hurricane 
and power outages.  We had a very good meeting with Dr. Metcalfe, and he 
spoke to the group for the entire hour and a half.

We discussed stress management with non-traditional students, and other 
issues that these students face such as parenthood, working, dating, being 
in a bad relationship, dealing with issues that are out of our control (such 
as the hurricane).  We also talked about how things that go wrong in 
ordinary life can make things so much more challenging for the 
non-traditional student, such as a car breaking down, or a seperation from a 
relationship or divorce.  He was a very good person to talk to and everyone 
really enjoyed the meeting.  I have invited him back as our guest speaker in 

Dr. Metcalfe is considering starting a support group for non-traditional 
students and he will be giving us more information on this as it develops.  
I will be posting the minutes to this meeting by the end of next week.

I really hope to see more people at our next meeting.  The guest speaker 
will be from the Rita B. Huff Humane Society and she will be discussing the 
history of the animal shelter that we have here on campus, and the adoption 
process.  If the LSC permits, she might even bring some animals with her.

The next meeting will be on October 27th, from 11:45-1p.m., in LSC 315.  The 
flyers are up on campus for a reminder. :-)

Andrea L. Woodlief
President, Non-Traditional Student Organization

"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the 
source of all true art and science."  -- Albert Einstein

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