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i'm a parent, too, but i don't see what benefit a university daycare will be over the other montessori schools already in huntsville. financial aid is cash, so any school will accept it as payment. why open another daycare in huntsville?
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  Hello Everyone,

  I thought that we could have our next discussion on opening up a campus 
  daycare center for the non-traditional students, faculty and staff members 
  to use.  SHSU did have a daycare center for many years called Bearkitten 
  Academy, but it was closed December 2003.  The center was open for children 
  from 6 months to kindergarten age, and they accepted financial aid as a form 
  of payment.

  Do you think that SHSU would benefit from having a new daycenter built that 
  is Montessori based? Several other colleges and universities have this, 
  including North Harris and Montgomery college, Texas Women's University, and 
  Stephan F. Austin State University.

  Remember during this discussion to reply to the listserv (ntso at shsu.edu) 
  address so the entire group can participate in the discussion.

  Andrea L. Woodlief
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