[Ntso] NTSO needs officers!

John & Frances Fennessy roughneckbooks at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 19 07:00:29 CDT 2006

Hello all!

NTSO desperately needs a secretary to be a member of next year's officers. 
This position is essential for the success of this organization.

The secretary takes notes at each meeting and meets with the board once a 
month to discuss options and upcoming events of the organization. You will 
be an integral part of the president's advisory committee. The president 
needs a board that cares about the organization, one that can help him/her 
make decisions that are healthy for the organization. As an officer, you can 
make a difference.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE consider your own schedule and determine if you can 
give to this organization. There are over 200 of you guys out there; surely 
one of you can make this commitment.

Of course, all positions are open. While we have one person that has 
volunteered for the other positions, no one has stepped up to run for 
secretary. We could certainly use other members running for these other 
positions too. This makes for a healthy election!

The officer positions include: President, Vice President, Business Manager 
and Secretary. Descriptions of these positions are listed below. This comes 
directly from the constitution.

President - In charge of communications, coordinates meeting times, prepares 
official paperwork and keeps deadlines, mediates meetings and keeps group 
focused and on track, works with group to create goals for the coming year, 
makes sure group works within the confines of the mission statement, 
appoints representatives to additional committees as needed, keeps in 
contact with other non-traditional organizations across the country through 
ANTSHE listserv or other means, works with the student government 
association (the student senate) for UFO funding and to coordinate with 
other offices on campus to obtain additional funding.

Vice President - In charge of membership and organization programming and 
advertising, works to inform the campus community about non-traditional 
students the Non-Traditional Student Organization and the services we 
provide, assists president with committees, works with business manager on 
yearly organization budget and programming funding, and responsible for 
making sure event log is kept up to date.

Business Manager – Non-Traditional Student Organization representative to 
student government meetings, is responsible for finding a suitable proxy 
when needed, responsible for presenting NTSO concept and budget at necessary 
meetings, tracks organization spending, assists with programming budgets, 
orders all supplies for organization.

Secretary - Takes meeting minutes, maintains listserv and web site, assists 
in poster design and generation for events, responsible for printing out 
fliers and ordering additional business cards, tracks office supplies and 
requests new ones when needed, creates correspondence (thank you letters 
etc), puts together mailings at the beginning of each semester for new 
students, requests mailing labels from registrar’s office for mailings, 
makes sure fliers are posted appropriately, manages fundraising events and 
makes sure all of the SGA rules are being followed for the organization to 
maintain UFO funding.

If you are interested, please email the listserv and let the organization 
know. Time is running out, and we don't have all positions filled yet.

Thank you for your help.

Frances Crawford Fennessy
former NTSO president

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