[Ntso] {Spam} E-Card from Andrea Woodlief

andrea_woodlief at hotmail.com andrea_woodlief at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 23 21:01:37 CST 2006


You have been just sent an electronic greeting card.
It is waiting for you at our card site, go ahead and see it!
| http://www.autumn-cards.com/ 
| http://www.101autumn.com/ 
| http://www.sweetestday-cards.com/
| http://www.sweetestdaygreetings.com/ 
| http://www.sweetestday-ecards.com/ 
| http://www.101halloween.com/ 
| http://www.halloweengreetingcards.com/ 

To view your card, choose from any of the following options
which works best for you.

Method 1

Just click on the following Internet address (if that doesn't work for
you, copy & paste the address onto your browser's address box.)


Method 2

Copy & paste your card number in the view card box at

Your card number is

Method 3

Click on the link below to view your card ( Recommended for AOL Users )

<a href=http://cards.thanksgiving-ecards.com/cgi-bin/cards/showcard.pl?cardnum=ZCT811232101375&log=thanxecards>

(For your convenience, the greeting card will be available for the next
30 days)


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