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Fri May 25 09:01:02 CDT 2007

Dear NTSO Member,
To my utter disappointment I have not heard from anyone other than Ray
Martin about holding an officer position in NTSO. I cannot hold the
organization together alone and without officers we do not have an
organization. It is not really all that hard to hold an office position in
our organization. I realize that alot of you dont have the time. I
understand. We all are parents that work and go to school. NTSO is the
voice that you have as a student and a parent. We plan actives around
family's so they can come too. If your children see you doing actives at
school they will encouraged to do so as well. What better way for you to
let it be known what you need as a non-traditional student, while getting
to know others whom are in the same position.
I need people to reply as soon as possible. We need to get this done ASAP
so that we can make plans for the fall. The duties for each office is as

-- Section II. Officers and Duties

President - In charge of communications, coordinates meeting times,
prepares official paperwork and keeps deadlines, mediates meetings and
keeps group focused and on track, works with group to create goals for the
coming year, makes sure group works within the confines of the mission
statement, appoints representatives to additional committees as needed,
keeps in contact with other non-traditional organizations across the
country through ANTSHE listserv or other means, works with the SGA
(student senate) for the Campus Life funding and to coordinate with other
offices on campus to obtain additional funding.

Vice President - In charge of membership and organization programming and
advertising, works to inform the campus community about non-traditional
students the Non-Traditional Student Organization and the services we
provide, assists president with committees, works with business manager on
yearly organization budget and programming funding, and responsible for
making sure event log is kept up to date.

Business Manager – Non-Traditional Student Organization representative to
student government meetings, is responsible for finding a suitable proxy
when needed, responsible for presenting NTSO concept and budget at
necessary meetings, tracks organization spending, assists with programming
budgets, orders all supplies for organization.

Secretary - Takes meeting minutes, maintains listserv and web site,
assists in poster design and generation for events, responsible for
printing out fliers and ordering additional business cards, tracks office
supplies and requests new ones when needed, creates correspondence (thank
you letters etc), puts together mailings at the beginning of each semester
for new students, requests mailing labels from registrar’s office for
mailings, makes sure fliers are posted appropriately, manages fundraising
events and makes sure all of the SGA rules are being followed for the
organization to maintain the Campus Life funding.

If you have any more questions feel free to email me and you may look up
our constitution on the web site at
Angi Bremkamp
alb017 at shsu.edu
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