[Ntso] Sorry-- I messed up the last email

cam029 at shsu.edu cam029 at shsu.edu
Tue Oct 30 19:57:00 CDT 2007

subject: about tailgate this Saturday

Hi, all I have to correct my mistake. I gave everyone the wrong date for
the general meeting. In the last email I wrote:

 ""Have a great Weekend-- get rest, study, have fun and we will see you at
> the next general meeting on November 30,2007. Angi's boss is coming to
> give us some information about personalities in the workplace. As always
> there will be refreshments on a first come first serve basis. It is at 1pm
> in room 306 of the LSC""

Meetings are on the second Tuesday of each month. So November 30 is NOT
correct. Please excuse me, my fault. The next meeting is November 13,
2007. Otherwise all other information is correct.

Thank you,
Charity Moore

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