[Psychmasters] FW: New Site on Prejudice

PSY_RSM PSY_RSM@shsu.edu
Tue, 12 Nov 2002 12:43:11 -0600

Hey, social psych lovers (you know who you are)!

This is an interesting new site.


Doc M.

I'm writing to let folks know of a
new Social Psychology Network partner site
that was launched during the past week:


The new site, UnderstandingPrejudice.org, has
more than 2,000 prejudice-related links, searchable
databases of social justice organizations and
prejudice researchers, teaching resources, and
interactive exercises. For example, visitors can
take the Ambivalent Sexism Inventory and
compare their results to females and males from
more than 20 countries. They can also take gender-
and race-related versions of the Implicit Association
Test, view a "Slide Tour of Prejudice," and test
their "Native IQ" with a 10-item quiz on Native
American topics.

The web site was developed to supplement a
new McGraw-Hill anthology I edited (entitled
"Understanding Prejudice and Discrimination"),
but all pages and activities are freely available
and can be used with other texts or on their own.

I hope this partner site is useful to you, and that
you won't hesitate to write with suggestions on
how to improve it further. Also, if you know of
others who might be interested, I would appreciate
you forwarding this email to them.

All Best,
Scott Plous


Sent courtesy of Social Psychology Network