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 Jobs are our friend!

Doc M.

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Hello everyone,

The Office of Institutional Research has an opening for a Graduate
Assistant and we want to make you aware of it so that you can pass this
information on to a student who may be interested in the position.  

Attached you will find an application with instructions and a text file
about the job itself.

It can also be accessed through Career Services through the link below:


The Job ID:  239
Job Title:  Graduate Assistant

If you have any questions, please contact me.

Thank you,

Martha Blume
Administrative Assistant
Institutional Research and Effectiveness
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Job ID: 239 

Job Title:
Institutional Research Graduate Assistant

Job Description:

	Translating a wide variety of research and evaluation questions about SHSU as an institution, a student body and an organization into programming code, and extracting, combining, computing, analyzing and summarizing data from many sources with speed and accuracy. It also involves reporting the results of data examination and analyses orally,in writing and graphically. The G.A. works both independently and collaboratively as part of a team
	Specifically, the IR GA  performs the following operations through programming (in SPSS syntax and/or other programming languages):
	1. converting text files into specifically formatted  SPSS  data files 
	2. merging data from two or more independent files to ..
		a. add records to an existing file
		b. add new variables (data fields) to an existing file
		c. append updated  variables to an existing series of variables (i.e. to create a longitudinal file with semester enrollment variables repeated each term over years)
		d. synthesize and compute new variables from existing variables ( using conditional information and calculations of values from existing variables )

If the candidate is able to fulfill IRE Office expectations during training, she/he will continue through the Spring. If acceptable to employer and employee, the student will continue through the summer and into the Fall of 2006. Extended G.A. employment is a distinct possibility.               


        Ability to program accurately
        Ability to envision, plan and carry out the solutions to various  types of research and evaluation  problems
        Ability to manipulate, convert and merge data sets
	Ability to work quickly and under pressure.
	Ability to stay on-task and focused through multiple steps, and tasks over hours, days and weeks, in order to complete complex jobs.
	Ability to organize and document multi-step, multi level work for later re-use 
	Good listening and reading comprehension in English
	Willingness and ability to follow instructions, 
	Willingness to remember and follow up on details
	Ability and Willingness to work both collectively as well as individually 
	Mental flexibility
	Creative thinking  
	Eagerness to problem solve.  

The Graduate Student Assistant should be able to 
        -Use MS EXCEL, including manipulating  spreadsheets, performing calculations, generating charts, and creating report tables. 
	-Use A statistical and analytical program ( i.e., SPSS) 
	-comprehend basic principles and application of statistical analysis 

The student should be able to work over the holidays when the University and IRE office are officially open, in order to acquire hands-on training and practice, and to begin a probationary trial. 

Application Instructions

•	Send a brief email message of personal introduction to Dr. Rita Caso at dr_rita at shsu.edu or Mrs.Martha Blume MPB005 at exchange.shsu.edudemonstrating your ability to express yourself in English. In the email message, applicants should also request an IR GA Application Form on which to report information such as:  
•	Name; 
•	Gender; 
•	Contact email and phone;
Current Academic Information
•	Current Graduate Program
•	Grad program start date, 
•	Anticipated Degree Completion date; 
•	# of Credits taken Fall 05 
•	# of Credits enrolled for in Sp 06;
•	One current SHSU graduate program instructor reference contact; 
•	Another SHSU faculty/administrator reference contact ( not necessarily from your graduate program)
Past Academic Information
•	(If applicable -Previous Graduate Program and/or Graduate Degrees and dates);
•	Undergrad Major/Concentration and Minor 
•	Undergraduate Degree Completion date; 
SHSU Student Employment Experiences
•	Any previous SHSU Graduate Assistantship, Graduate Student Worker Employment or SHSU Undergraduate student employment; 
•	Employer/Supervisor reference contact information;
Non-Student Employment Experiences
•	Title and Description of Up to 2 full time or part time employment experiences (if any) and dates;


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