[Psychmasters] discount on guilford books

Jessica R. Gurley stdjrg13 at shsu.edu
Mon Dec 17 08:01:12 CST 2007

Hi Everyone -

One of the externs (practicum students) at my internship site told me
about a promotion Guilford is doing until 12/31 - they are giving students
50% off (no, that's not a typo) on their books & journal subscriptions.
It's not valid on a few items, but it works for pretty much everything
else! Anyway, the code is "stu". I know it's meant for students but I
really can't see why others can't use it as well. Happy shopping!


Jessica R. Gurley, M.A.
Clinical Psychology Doctoral Student
Department of Psychology and Philosophy
Sam Houston State University
jgurley at shsu.edu

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