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This message is an advertisement for PSY 733, Law and Social Psychology, a fine course meeting Monday and Wednesday afternoons this summer.  It's an applied Social course that uses social psychological theories and constructs to illuminate and explicate topics and issues at the interface of Psychology and the law.

We cover 6 topics:

Disparate Disciplines, being an analysis of the different mindsets that characterize scientific and legal thinking;

The Death Penalty, considering deterrence, revenge, racial bias, the vagaries of surveys, and more;

Confessions, which can and do come from people who are entirely innocent;

Eyewitnesses, who sometimes remember things that didn't happen;

Juries, involving their selection, size, and decision-making; and

Law and Culture, considering how law shapes the social milieu.

As you might imagine, mainstream topics in social psychology such as social cognition, conformity and compliance, and prejudice (among several others) have a lot to tell us about these elements of legal proceedings.  The readings are cool, the prof is mellow, and you're invited to take the course, which is open to Master's students and is offered only once every two years.


Rody Miller
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