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Sorry, I only just realized that I did not attatch the constitution to the 
previously sent email. As such, I have copy and pasted the section noting 
the Officer's various duties.

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Article IV.	Officers

	Section I.  Requirements for Officers

All undergraduate student leaders must be students at SHSU and meet and 
maintain a 3.0 grade average.  All graduate student leaders must be students 
at SHSU and meet and maintain a 3.0 grade point average.  Officers must be 
able to commit themselves to the success of the Society chapter without 
conflicting with other organizations in which they are members or officers.

	Section II.  Officers and Duties

	General Duties of All Officers
„X	Participate in the annual induction ceremony, especially the planning and 

„X	Contribute to the Society newsletter.

„X	Work in conjunction with the webmaster to make timely updates to the 

„X	Pass all materials relevant to each office to the newly elected officers 
and review the material with them to ensure a smooth transition of 

„X	Participate in a comprehensive planning session prior to each long 

„X	Maintain and staff the Sigma Tau Delta office in conjunction with 
participating members.

„X	Abide by all deadlines set by the officers and sponsors for newsletter 
materials, committee work, reports, etc., or communicate any difficulties to 
executive board and sponsors.

President ¡V The president is truly the key to a successful chapter. An 
effective president presents a model of leadership for the chapter and the 
campus. The president will work closely with the chapter sponsors.

Upon election the president has the following duties:

a.	Familiarize him/herself with the chapter handbook.  This handbook has a 
wealth of ideas in the sections on chapter activities, fundraising, service, 
and chapter development.
b.	Plan an orientation for new officers as soon after the election as 
possible.  (The election and the orientation should take place in the spring 
before the outgoing officers leave.) Organize this activity with the 
outgoing president and the sponsors.
c.	Assess the interests and needs of the chapter and plan the agenda for the 
coming year, achieving a balance among programs, socials, fundraisers, and 
service projects.
d.	Fill appointed offices and set up committees, with consultation from the 
e.	Be a liaison (or appoint a member to be a liaison) to other organizations 
on campus, to the Student Government Association, and to the faculty.
f.	Collaborate with the sponsors and the other officers on completing the 
annual report for the Central Office
g.	Learn about the international conventions and regional conferences in 
order to encourage members to submit papers and attend.
h.	Write and distribute the monthly agendas for both the officers and 
general membership meetings (in consultation with sponsors).
i.	Work in conjunction with the Vice President to ensure that the 
semester¡¦s agenda is followed, with respect to university deadlines, 
policies, facilities forms, etc.

Vice President ¡V As second in command, the main duty of the vice president 
is to assist and support the president in presiding over the chapter.  The 
vice president shall assume the responsibilities of the president if the 
president is unable to serve.

Upon election, the vice president has the following duties:

a.	Familiarize him/herself with the chapter handbook.  This handbook has a 
wealth of ideas in the sections on chapter activities, fundraising, service, 
and chapter development.
b.	Work in conjunction with the President to ensure that the semester¡¦s 
agenda is followed, with response from various university deadline, 
policies, facilities, forms, etc.
c.	Plan, organize, and execute at least one service activity each semester.
d.	Organize, oversee, staff, and maintain the Sigma Tau Delta office in 
Evans 204.
e.	Work with President on running the election and the assignment of various 

Treasurer ¡VThe treasurer is also vital to the smooth functioning of a 
chapter and should attend all events where money is collected or disbursed. 
(The sponsors will be co-signers on the checking account).

The treasurer has the following duties:

a.	Obtain bank statements and the treasurer¡¦s notebook from the outgoing 
b.	Balance the checkbook as well as the ledger for expenses each week in 
conjunction with the sponsors and have a treasurer¡¦s report ready for each 
c.	Collect receipts for expenditures and submit requests for reimbursement 
checks from the sponsors.
d.	Keep track of the Income Tax ID number
e.	Be familiar with the financial regulations of the Society and Sam Houston 
State University
f.	Collect and deposit promptly any chapter dues or special fees.
g.	Serve as fundraising chair, overseeing the planning and execution of 

Secretary ¡VThe secretary is vital to the organizational integrity of the 
chapter. This officer should work closely with the other officers, become 
aware of local and international deadlines, and maintain open communication 
through the timely dissemination of information to other chapter members.

The secretary has the following duties:

a.	Attend all meetings and keep accurate minutes
b.	Post minutes for the general meeting on the chapter¡¦s website within one 
c.	Provide hard copies of the minutes for the officers¡¦ meetings to all 
officers and sponsors within one week.
d.	Prepare and send out mailings (via snail mail or e-mail) to members.
e.	Notify and remind members (via telephone or e-mail) of general meetings 
and upcoming events.
f.	Prepare, in collaboration with the sponsors, the list of new members to 
send to the University registrar and the Central Office.
g.	Update and maintain a list of current members, including the listserv.
h.	Be responsible for all chapter correspondence, including notes of thanks.
i.	Work with officers and sponsors to produce a monthly chapter update.
j.	Keep an activity log of membership participation
k.	Assist the sponsors in completing all chapter reports, including the 
Central Office annual report.

Public Relations Director ¡VThe public relations director is the Society¡¦s 
link to the        University and community. The way in which the Society is 
perceived is, to a large extent, the responsibility of this officer.

The public relations director has the following duties:

a.	Publicize meetings, programs, and fundraisers on campus well in advance 
of the anticipated dates.  Meeting notices should be posted in Evans before 
general meetings
b.	Update the display case monthly.
c.	Locate the campus media services office and find out the policy for 
sending news items and photos to the local paper, the University website, 
and other media services.
d.	Work with the campus newspaper to print Society news.
e.	Work with the Historian to take photos that may be used in the scrapbook.
f.	Arrange for a group photograph of the chapter members for the Alcalde.

Historian ¡VThe historian is the keeper of the chapter¡¦s memories. This 
officer must have access to audio-visual equipment and take photographs and 
videos of the various activities of the chapter.

The historian has the following duties:

a.	Maintain all records, such as the scrapbook, the written history of the 
chapter, videos, cassettes, photographs, souvenir programs, sample t-shirts, 
newsletters, newspaper clippings, and convention materials.
b.	Display these materials appropriately at Society functions.
c.	Caption and date all photographs and label all other materials.
d.	Present the updated yearbook at the spring induction ceremony.

Webmaster ¡V The webmaster is responsible for maintaining the website so 
that it is a vital communication link between members and the society.

The webmaster has the following duties:

a.	Maintain the website and list serve.
b.	Assist the secretary in maintaining the membership list.

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