[Sigtaudelt] Volunteers for NBA at SHSU

Robbins, Heather hmr004 at SHSU.EDU
Mon Mar 7 19:10:04 CST 2016


It’s time for National Book Awards at Sam Houston, and we’re calling on volunteers for several events.

We need help:

  *   Wednesday, 3/16 at the Public Library, 4:45-7pm
  *   Thursday, 3/17at the Wynne Home, 4:45-7:30pm
  *   Friday, 3/18 at the Gaertner Center Concert Hall 4:30-9 (can be broken into shifts)
  *   Someone to volunteer to be in charge of the volunteers :) Seriously

Please sign up by going to the Google Sheet at this link:

Let me know if you have any questions and thank you!

Dr. N-O

Amanda Nowlin-O’Banion, PhD
Clinical Assistant Professor
Coordinator, National Book Awards at SHSU
Department of English
nowlin-o’banion at shsu.edu<mailto:nowlin-o%E2%80%99banion at shsu.edu>

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