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Sun, 10 Oct 1999 14:12:54 -0500

I just wanted to tell everyone what a great retreat Barry Bernstein, Randy
Crafton and others put on last weekend in KC, KS.  It was the first
experience I'd ever had with Rhythm based music therapy or drumming in
general and I left with such a feeling of wellness. I've already made plans
to go next year.  I tried out some of the activities on my residents and
they really enjoyed the opportunity to try something new.  I really know
nothing about drumming from a technical standpoint, but plan to learn a lot
more. I also found out that next week there will be a drum circle offered in
my hometown and I plan to attend. Even if I'd known about it before, I
wouldn't have know what the point was or even thought I should try to be a
part.  I've even gotten my staff, who are nonmusicians, interested in
participated in the drumming and rhythm activities both at our nursing home
and possibly in an extra-curricular manner. I highly recommend attending
anything you can get your hands on offered by these guys.
                  Alice, Shawn, and Maggie, 9/2/97
-- MT-PRO Music Therapy List, mtpro@multipro.com on 10/10/1999 at 2:12:38 PM

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