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<<For anyone else out there reading the postings regarding this subject, I 
to hear some solutions- even if they may be far fetched or extremely 
difficult to apply. I plan to present them to folks in decision making 
positions to urge them on to seriously explore the issue. Please think of it 
as brainstorming- lets see if we can find something usable.>>
Jim (et al),
   I agree that this is a tremendously important issue, and I also feel that 
there is a lot of work already 'in process'.  A broader-based implementation 
of the association's "Professional Competencies" will, I believe, begin to 
help faculty as well as clinical training directors look much more concretely 
and specifically at "hands-on" skills, and there are natural and sensible 
moments in time in the education and clinical training of MT's where these 
musicianship skills can and should be addressed (by 'addressed', I mean 
everything from taught to tested to applied in the clinic environment).
   From a pure clinical training perspective (having trained interns since 
1983), the on-site audition of sight-reading and sight-singing that I require 
of prospective interns is probably one of the single largest factors that 
helps me determine the likelihood of someone being accepted for internship or 
not.  With the "Competencies", hopefully we will see an increase in 
functional exit auditions from school as well as entry auditions for 
   - Donna W. Polen, MT-BC
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